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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another Single Guy: Telling The Difference Between Canadians And Americans

Another Single Guy in Australia wondered aloud recently how to tell American girls from Canadian girls.

To help him differentiate (and to prevent a potentially embarassing situation for him which would certainly result in not getting that date), someone pointed him to my article on accents. He obviously found this to be of some use, as he noted here.

He also emailed me pleading for more tips.

So, Another Single Guy, here is what my friends have said are a few more ways you can suss out whether the hot North American gal you're chatting up is Canadian or American:

Andrea (USA): Canadians on average are more aware of world events since as a whole, Americans are more self absorbed about that sort of thing. I mean, it's easy to lose sight of things that aren't thrust in your face on a daily basis. Everyone gets the US view on things, we don't always get the point of view of other nations unless something scandalous is going on there. Too many scandalous things going on here already.

Paige (Canadian in New Zealand): An Aussie told me that the aura around Canadians is different from Americans. I asked him to explain...he said "in other words, Canadians have common/good sense"!

Krista (Canada): we are hardier, cuter and less obsessed with labels

Andrea (USA): Probably on a whole, Canadian girls are more conservative than us American girls. At least the Canadian girls I know.

Ulises (Mexican guy visiting Canada):

  • their accents; Canadians have a tendency to have an upward lilt in tone at the end of a sentence (a very british inspired thing)
  • world view; Canadian girls have a better idea of stuff going on around the rest of the world
  • at the bar; American chicks tend to try to get all the attention, Canadian girls are a little more reserved. Canadian girls like their space, they like to be more independent and they don't thrust their tits around
  • when Canadian girls are in another country, they try to get in touch with the place they're in - American girls just stick together
  • language; Canadian girls like to try to speak the language of the country they're in, while American girls are more likely to speak English only.

Andrea (USA): Someone explained it to me like this once. Exactly in these words. Americans to Canadians are like Aussies to Kiwis.


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